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RAF Northolt sector operations room.

Yesterday, I was invited to visit the sector operations room at RAF Northolt. It was an amazing experience, which felt like I had gone back in time to the summer of 1940, when the Battle of Britain was at its height. I am in awe of the brilliant work that has been, and continues to be done, by Phil Dawe. I found in him, a kindred spirit, someone with whom I was able to spend many enjoyable hours, having a lengthy discussion about all things Dowding.

Northolt was one of the seven sector operations rooms within 11 Group, which were covered from the Battle of Britain Bunker at Uxbridge. It is therefore a living representation of one of the three elements forming the indomitable trilogy of Fighter Command, Group, and Sector.

I will certainly be giving 'Garter' - code name for the Northolt sector operations room, a key role in my current work 'Enemy Engaged'.


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