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Thank you for the great reviews

"The Dowding System of interception and defence was pivotal to our success in the Battle of Britain. Dilip fluently describes the theory and then goes on to give a vivid description of the theory in action during the tensest hours and days of the Battle ... Highly recommended, a wonderful read."
Chris L.

"I highly recommend this book. Mr. Amin has collated a wealth of information, and couched it in highly readable prose. Easily the best book on this subject I've ever read"
Geoff P.

"This book deserves 50 stars. It is magnificent and tells a magnificent history of the last battle fought by the British Nation that changed the world. Without the RAF's victory in the Battle of Britain, Hitler's Fascism would have taken half Europe, and Russian Communism the other. But the RAF's victory depended on the Chain Home Radar system, mass production of Hurricanes and Spitfires, and most important of all the RAF Command Bunker and the coordinated air defence system that it controlled. Dilip Amin's book is a masterpiece of scholarship and storytelling, as well as being profoundly moving for the great events that it describes. I recommend it with a full heart and total admiration."
John D.


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