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Tally Ho!

Today, I went horse riding in Windsor Great Park with my wife and daughter. It made me reflect on how lucky I am. It also made me reflect on two other things.

First, was the stables name, 'Tally Ho'. This was the old English hunting call used to announce that the enemy was sighted and was being engaged.

Second, I often describe Fighter Command's two main aircraft during the Battle of Britain in equestrian terms. The Hurricane, which was the sturdy, reliable workhorse doing much of the heavy lifting, and the Spitfire, which was the thoroughbred racehorse. Together in the Summer of 1940, they complimented each other magnificently as they repelled the Luftwaffe's fusillade over southern England and so prevented a Nazi invasion  ... I rode a Belgian Draft Horse, so I guess my steed today was a Hurricane! 


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