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Presentation to the Museum of Berkshire Aviation

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Yesterday was a very successful evening at 'The Museum of Berkshire Aviation', in Woodley.

I was delighted to be invited to speak to such an enthusiastic and interested audience about my journey to becoming an author and writing my book 'Enemy Sighted'.

Woodley is of course, where Douglas Bader infamously lost both of his legs in a pre-war flying accident ... he would go on to not only fly again, but become a leading fighter ace and legend during the evacuation from Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain.

The museum has many fascinating exhibits and is worth a visit!

" Dilip, I very much enjoyed your presentation at the museum. You are a great speaker and your enthusiasm for the Battle of Britain is clear. I bought your book after your talk and I'm currently planning a trip to the bunker in Uxbridge - perhaps you'll be on duty when I attend!

Thanks so much for your talk and I wish you all the best for the other two books of the trilogy!"



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