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Norwegian Contribution

Having just returned from a wonderful Norwegian Fjord cruise with my wife, I wanted to incorporate a Norwegian connection into my second book, 'Enemy Engaged'.

I discovered the contribution made by Captain Jens Hertzberg, who had been posted to 602 Squadron at Kenley, in 11 Group, to gain experience prior to his taking command of a Norwegian Squadron within Fighter Command. Hertzberg took part in a 'Rhubarb' Operation on 02 January 1942, along with three other Spitfires. They attacked barges in St. Valerie-Sur-Mer and then two low-flying Luftwaffe seaplanes, before heading back to Kenley.

While over the English Channel, Hertzberg reported trouble with his engine before losing radio contact. He failed to return and the squadron diary recorded , 'A very good Norwegian pilot and officer lost.'


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