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D Day talks - control of the sky over Normandy

Updated: Jun 9

80 years ago the largest invasion force in history stormed Hitler’s European Fortress … by land … by sea … and by air.

I am appearing on WW2TV ... date to be confirmed

I am speaking at Bentley Priory on 07 June at 11am,

I am conducting D Day tours at the Battle of Britain Bunker on Saturday 08 June at 11.30am and 2.30pm

The talks give an early insight into ‘Enemy Assailed’, the third book I will be writing in my trilogy, following Fighter Command as it prepared for and fought its way through the Second World war.

Travel back in time with me to this momentous moment in world history … and hear how the 11 Group Operations Room … the underground Bunker at Uxbridge … controlled … coordinated … and directed Allied air power to gain and maintain air supremacy over the Normandy battlefield.


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