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Bringing history to life!

I visited Kent, the county over where much of the Battle of Britain was so fiercely contested. It was an invitation to speak about my book 'Enemy Sighted' and to tell the story of how Britain defended itself against invasion in the summer of 1940.

My audience was a very warm and welcoming Kentish gathering, consisting of members from the 41 Club and Tonbridge Round Table. It was a great evening, I must say the audience were so receptive and engaged.

‘’Many thanks for organising such a wonderful speaker. A man who knows his subject so well and has the ability to speak so passionately is hard to find. Please pass my thanks to him’’ AD

‘’ Dilip you gave such a passionate and enthusiastic presentation. It felt as if we were back in 1940 with Hitler knocking on our door. A simply outstanding performance’’ JF

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