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A very special presentation

I was invited to speak at Uxbridge on Saturday, as part of the Speaker Series being held at the Battle of Britain Bunker. It was a very special occasion for me as this is the place that is at the heart of my book ‘Enemy Sighted’.

It was from here that the defence of London and Southern England was organised … it was from here that the majority of Spitfires and Hurricanes were commanded … and it was from here that the destruction of three-quarters of all Luftwaffe aircraft during the Battle of Britain was overseen.

The audience were very attentive and engaged and I was honoured that so many shared that they had come especially to meet the author! A great question and answer session followed, showing just how knowledgeable they were!

Hearing about their individual journeys and how they became interested in this hugely important period in world history was, as always, really fascinating.

Keeping with tradition, I was sure to sign all copies of my book, with the special pen crafted from a Mk I Spitfire propellor … a gift from my daughter and son-in-law.


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